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Bear and Cat

Bear works on a submarine, so he spends a lot of time under water on the seabed. One day a great amount of multi-coloured balls begin to attack him. What to do? Only you can help him! Combine balls of the same colour into groups of 3 or more to knock them down! You get points for this!

Sometimes bonuses can appear among the multi-coloured balls. They can slow down the movement of the balls or completely stop their movement. They also can move the chain back or enhances your accuracy of hit! Try to make combinations with these balls, because they can make your task easier. In this game you have 3 lives. Remove all the balls before they get very close to the bear!

The game consists of 3 levels which are divided into 5 sublevels! Go ahead! We wish you good luck!

Control: Use mouse wheel to move your ball left or right. Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the balls. In this game you cannot change the colour of the ball.


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