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We're delighted to welcome you on our website dedicated to the Zuma games! Here you can find more than 35 online games, various in design and presentation. New heroes, new obstacles, new playing field and new bonuses are waiting for you! But they’re still the same good old familiar Zuma games!

Zuma games are arcades and logic games. With the help of these games you can check your attention, logic skills and your ability to think many moves ahead.

These games were popular back in 2005, but there was only one version of the game. A lot of time has passed since that time. The game is still popular, but now there are many varieties of them. The main idea has not changed – a combination of the same items and their destruction. Now everyone knows such games as Zuma Deluxe, Revenge, Indian Mystic Zuma, Balls, Blitz or games about the Dolphin or Bongo monkey. No matter who the main character is: a frog or any other. There is only one the most important criterion by which the games are divided.

These games impressed everyone from the children who are ready to sit in front of the computer for hours playing Zuma, to adults who are bored at home or at work. This cannot be denied. A lot of levels, clarity of the task - this is what attracts people so much in this seemingly simple but interesting game.

Play with pleasure!

Zuma DeluxeZuma Deluxe
Zuma Deluxe is the most famous ball game! Play free the most exciting game of this genre. Stone frog, chains of balls and winding labyrinth are waiting for you!
Zuma's RevengeZuma's Revenge
One of the most interesting, successful and well-developed Zuma games from the PopCap developer. Here are improved graphics, new bonuses and sounds as well as new frog’s options!
Zumba ManiaZumba Mania
Zumba Mania is a classic puzzle game from the Zuma series with upgrades in which you will help the idol defend the village from the balls.
Zuma MayaZuma Maya
Zuma Maya is a rather difficult game. Zuma is the most popular puzzle game and today we present you a new version of the legendary game dedicated to the Mayan civilization.
Zuma Deluxe 2Zuma Deluxe 2
Zuma Deluxe 2 is a Zuma game, but the main cannon is stylized as a frog and its surroundings. It is necessary with the help of a funny frog to throw colourful balls into a moving chain.
Zuma TotemiaZuma Totemia
Zuma Totemia is a free online game where you need to shoot at coloured balls in a chain. The rules are simple - the same as in most Classic game.
Zuma Deluxe OriginalZuma Deluxe Original
Zuma Deluxe Original is a puzzle game with brightly coloured balls and the main character - an idol frog.
Zuma Marble DashZuma Marble Dash
Zuma Marble Dash discover the secrets of the ancient Egyptians and get their treasures by solving Zuma puzzles!
Zumar DeluxeZumar Deluxe
Zumar Deluxe is a game for everyone who wants to discover the secrets of Zuma!
Zumba OceanZumba Ocean
Have great fun playing Zumba Ocean, an addictive logic shooter. This is a fun and simple game in which you will help Zumba win the war in the ocean against the strings of gems.
Zuma DinoZuma Dino
Zuma Dino Egg Defense is an exciting new game that will take you back to the distant prehistoric times, when the earth was inhabited by dangerous dinosaurs.
Zumba ChallengeZumba Challenge
Zumba Challenge is a ball shooter familiar to almost all fans of simple and fun casual arcade games. It features unique dynamic gameplay, an entertaining storyline and an incomparably enjoyable design.
Zuma Sparkle 2Zuma Sparkle 2
Zuma Sparkle 2 is the sequel to the hit arcade-style Zuma. Collect all five keys and solve the Sparkle mystery. A long time ago five magic keys were created.
Zuma MagicianZuma Magician
In the game Zuma Magician, as in all games of this genre, you have to prevent the balls from reaching the hole. You must remove all balls before they reach the goal.
Zuma BlastZuma Blast
Zuma Blast is a very addictive game that immerses players in its mysterious world. You must collect combinations of three or more balls of the same color.
Jungle LegendJungle Legend
Jungle Legend is a classic casual game that boosts your attention. To reveal all the secrets of the mysterious island, you have to break the spell by destroying colourful balls on each level.
Zuma LegendZuma Legend
Zuma Legend this is a popular arcade game that appeared about 10 years ago. Since then, the developers of Zuma have released a variety of versions, each of which is beautiful.
Halloween ZumaHalloween Zuma
Halloween Zuma is another version of the Zuma series. In this game, you have to stop the snake and prevent it from crawling into the hole.
Craigen : Stones of ThumCraigen : Stones of Thum
Craigen : Stones of Thum is a new quest in which you must complete all 12 secret quests with stones. Shoot balls to collect all the same type of sacred stones.
Space ZumaSpace Zuma
Space Zuma is a matching puzzle game similar to the classic Zuma. All you have to do is to shoot the balls to make groups of the same colour by three in a group and make them disappear.
Zuma BoomZuma Boom
In the new game Zuma Boom you have to destroy various kinds of balls. In the center of the playing field there will be a cannon that can rotate in a circle in different directions.
Lost Island ZumaLost Island Zuma
The new version of the game Lost Island Zuma differs from the previous one, and above all in that you have at your disposal not only one, but several cannons located at different ends of the field.
Zuma JellylandZuma Jellyland
Zuma Jellyland is quite challenging, but interesting game in which you can use a guns to destroy a chain of moving jellies.
Zuma Winter EditionZuma Winter Edition
Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and once a year he delivers gifts to all children. Underground there is a factory where toys are made.
Zuma Hit or KnitZuma Hit or Knit
Zuma Hit or Knit is a game where you have to collect all the balls of thread before knitting is ruined. You will see a large maze-like line.
Zuma UnicornZuma Unicorn
The main character of the game Zuma Unicorn Gary somehow magically found himself in a fairy labyrinth, which he cannot leave until he completes a certain series of tasks.
Fairy Town 2Fairy Town 2
In the game Zuma Fairy Town 2 there is a wheel made up of a set of multi-colored gems. The white dragon has accumulated these precious stones over thousands of years in its cave.
Zuma Bubble ShooterZuma Bubble Shooter
Zuma Bubble Shooter is the most popular game. There are no changes in it, everything is clear and sufficient even for a person who plays this game for the first time.
Mystic India Pop ZumaMystic India Pop Zuma
Welcome new exciting game based on the good old Zuma! This time mystic India and Indian elephants are waiting for you!
Candy ZumaCandy Zuma
Candy Zuma is favourite game of the sweet teeth. This time you play with sweets in the candy store. In this exciting arcade game you have to destroy candies chain.
Zuma DynastyZuma Dynasty
Zuma Dynasty is a bright and colourful version of Zuma in oriental style. The main character is a dragon, a keeper of wisdom. Your task is to destroy the chain of balls.
Zuma FrogZuma Frog
Zuma Frog game is one of the best versions of this genre. This is a new version of the popular game Zuma Deluxe. The game has better graphics and you can play in full screen.
Zuma ClassicZuma Classic
Zuma Classic is the original game in the logical action genre. At first glance, everything is quite simple. You need to shoot balls of different colours...
Zuma AdventureZuma Adventure
In the game Zuma Adventure as usual you need to shoot balls from a frog into a moving line of the colourful balls. There is a frog in the centre of the playing field.
Zuma 3Zuma 3
Zuma 3 is a game with a set of dynamic levels. The player needs to shoot colourful balls from a frog’s mouth. The task is to hit the ball into the moving chain of balls...
Egypt ZumaEgypt Zuma
Egypt Zuma is a shooter in the Egyptian style. In the centre there is an eye-catapult which shooting balls. Destroy them before they reach the end of the room.
Invassion ZumaInvassion Zuma
In the game Invasion Zuma you will shoot the colourful balls among the planets, constellations, asteroids and star dust. Aim from cannon with a coloured ball into groups.
Chinese ZumaChinese Zuma
Chinese Zuma is a great game in Chinese style. A chain of precious stones moves to the abyss. In this game you can change the colour of gems that stick out of the pot.
Zuma LuxorZuma Luxor
In the game Zuma Luxor you are going on a journey through the Ancient Egypt to find the stolen treasures of Queen Nefertiti. Use the catapult to shoot at a chain of balls.
Inca BallInca Ball
Inca Ball is a bright arcade where you are going to look for the Inca Temple. You get into the labyrinths of the ancient Incas.
Fairy TownFairy Town
Fairy Town is logical and interactive entertaining game. Your task is to move cannon around the circle to destroy all the groups of balls.
In the entertaining game Vooz you are going to shoot with cute and round fluffy creatures. But don’t distract and be attentive.
Bengal 2Bengal 2
In the game Bengal 2 your task is to win the treasures of the golden monkey. This time you control the tiger who throws balls.
Zuma QuestZuma Quest
Quest is a nice ball game with good graphics based on everyone's favourite gameplay from the famous Zuma game. It’s not so easy to seize the ancient treasures.
Blast is a good game of this genre, but now you’re going to play in the open space. Coloured asteroids are coming to the planet.
Zuma BlitzZuma Blitz
In the game Zuma Blitz the action takes place in a pretty green lawn or in the icy depths. The main colours of the balls in this game are blue, green and blue.
Bird TownBird Town
Bird Town is a bright and addictive game that will be perfect for all the lovers of logical arcades.
Zuma AtlantisZuma Atlantis
Zuma Atlantis is an arcade game which takes the player to the ancient world. Here your main mission is to solve the riddle and find the treasure.
Jungle Marble BlastJungle Marble Blast
Jungle Marble Blast is very similar to the well-known Zuma game, where your task is to shoot colourful balls and make chains of them.
Critter zapperCritter zapper
There is a bright garden bug instead of a frog in this game. Thus, instead of the usual multi-colored balls you need to collect and shoot a chain of bugs.
Honey Trouble ZumaHoney Trouble Zuma
Help bear to collect kegs of honey, destroy balls and earn points! The rules are the same. Only this time there is an orange bear instead of a frog in the centre of the playing field!
Help dolphin to remove all the coloured balls, go through the maritime kingdom and earn as many points as possible!
Help pearl to cope with the invasion of coloured balls! In this sea themed game, a clone of famous Zuma, the balls move down a chain.
Zuma BubblesZuma Bubbles
Help magic ball to shoot down multi-coloured balls! It’s an unusual game of this genre with different obstacles and other interesting features. Play this game and leave comments!
Bear and CatBear and Cat
Bear in his submarine faces multi-coloured balls that attack him!
Multicolored balls want to attack the treasures of the Indians in the jungle. Don’t let them do it!
Octopus cannot cope with this invasion of colourful balloons. He needs your help!
Pinball Pinball
Everybody knows this game. Let’s play together!
Zuma ArcadeZuma Arcade
At each level Zuma balls move in different directions. Shoot them down and get points!
Everyone loves ripe and juicy fruit. But this time your task is to get rid of them!
Help the monkey to destroy all the colourful balls on her island!
Dangerous viruses attack the body. Destroy them quickly!
Zuma PuzzleZuma Puzzle
The new version of the Zuma game Zuma Puzzle. Shoot down the balls in a circle and get points!
Rolling BallRolling Ball
The balls are moving circle, knock them down and earn points!
Colorful beads are everywhere. Destroy them faster before they get closer to you!
This is a battle of two fairies. You need to help one of them to collect as much magic material as possible!
Everybody likes delicious sushi. But it seems that there are too much of them. You must do something with it!
Brave pirates go on a dangerous trip to search lost treasures. You need to help them!
The mechanisms on the plant crashed. People cannot work. Fix mechanisms to help workers!

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