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Pearl lives on the ocean floor, but the colourful balls literally began to attack it. You must do something! Help it to cope with the invasion of coloured balls. To do it you need to shoot the groups of balls of the same colour. There are two chains, so the balls that are located next to each other in the chain are destroyed immediately.

You have no extra lives. So if you lose, you have to start the level again. Chains of balls appear until the alga grows on the right side. The game has bonuses which you can catch.

The multi-coloured ball can appear in any place of the playing field. You can shoot it in a chain and it destroys the nearest balls of any colour. The watch can slow down the movement of chains with balls. The stop sign stops the movement of chains. With the help of colour changing ball you can press the Spacebar and change the colour of the ball. The bomb destroys the balls. The star makes balls in chain the same colour. We wish you good luck!

New game version

Control: Use mouse wheel to choose the direction. Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the balls. Catch the colour changing ball and press Spacebar to change the color of the ball.


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