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This time you have to face something very serious. You are a famous doctor. Your task is to get rid of unknown and dangerous viruses. You have a special medicine for this. But there are lots of viruses. They are various and unpleasant. Combine them of 3 or more by the colour and destroy them all. Shoot them down with some medicine. There are 5 levels in this game. These levels are divided into 5 sublevels. So there are 25 levels! Viruses move in the chain. Do not let them get to the exit. Otherwise they will infect the whole body. You can see a health bar above. It must be completely red so the viruses stop attacking. At the end of each level you can see a table with earned points and money and a star. The more stars you get, the faster you complete the level! You can go to the shop and buy bonus weapon with the money you earn. For example, there is a heavy-duty blaster, a bomb that kills all viruses, a target for shooting accuracy, and more. You can buy 3 weapons, so think twice what you really need!

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Control: Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the viruses. Press Spacebar to change the colour of the weapon.


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