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Craigen : Stones of Thum

Craigen : Stones of Thum is a new quest in which you must complete all 12 secret quests with stones. Shoot balls to collect all the same type of sacred stones. The game Cragen: Stones Of Thum has its unique gameplay, very beautiful graphics with awesome musical accompaniment. All this gives an unusual atmosphere and gives quite a lot of interest in the game. Pass all the locations and solve the intriguing puzzles.

On the screen you can see the descent into the treasury. But to get into it, you need to solve a certain puzzle. With the help of a cannon that shoot stones, you need to line them up in a row of three. Stones of different colours will move to the entrance, and if they reach it, they will overwhelm it. With the help of a special artifact, you will shoot at them with single charges of a certain colour. The main thing is to hit the stones of the same colour and then destroy them.

By completing tasks, the player will receive gold coins. You can spend them on many different things. With each level, the speed of stones will increase and you need to be in time for everything. Cragen : Stones Of Thum is designed to develop your intelligence and simply brighten up hours of free time in the gameplay. The controls in Cragen : Stones Of Thum are very simple. Use mouse to play this game.



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