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Critter zapper

Critter zapper is an online variation of favourite flash Zuma game. This time instead of a frog there is a bug with 6 legs. It looks like a garden beetle. This bug makes sure that the colourful bugs moving along the labyrinths of the garden and don’t get too close to its home. Therefore, it shoots the ranks of awkward insects by other bugs of different colours.

When you collect a group of three or more bugs the whole chain moves back a little. It helps you to earn more points and continue playing the game. While passing the levels, the players not only relax, but also improve their attention, ingenuity and patience. Bugs are moving quite slowly. At each new level it becomes more difficult to aim due to the changing labyrinths. They look so realistic that people who don’t like insects better choose another version of Zuma.

The game is very bright, but the sounds are rather poor. This game is great for those who want to play a new version of Zuma. However, only true nature lovers can call this game their favourite.

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Control: Shoot balls from the bug with the left mouse button. To select a different color of the bug press Spacebar.


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