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The dolphin lives underwater and swims with his friends in search of food. But one day he finds a lost map of the secret maritime kingdom. In search of adventure dolphin decides to follow this map and find a mystery kingdom. He has to complete 13 levels which are divided into 4 sub-levels. At each level you need to combine three or more balls of the same colour and destroy them. You have to fill in the green bar so the balls stop coming. Then some fruits appear. Shoot them down to get extra points. You can even finish the level earlier!

In this game you have only 3 lives, so be very attentive! You can save the game. If you quit, you won’t lost your progress. At each level a new colour of balls appears. There is a recommended amount of time in which you must pass it. If you pass it earlier, you receive bonuses! Wish you good luck!

Control: Use mouse wheel to choose the direction. Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the balls. Press Spacebar to change the colour of the ball.


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