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Fairy Town 2

In the game Zuma Fairy Town 2 there is a wheel made up of a set of multi-colored gems. The white dragon has accumulated these precious stones over thousands of years in its cave, and you have the opportunity to pocket gems for yourself. To do this shoot at the wheel trying to collect three or more gems of the same colour. This will cause them to fall down. You must destroy all the gems in a minimum of time, because points decrease with the time. If you run out of points, the game will be over.

Become a real treasure hunter in Zuma Fairy Town 2 game. Here, you can get gems, but for this you have to try. Destroy the entire structure with gems to win. Save as many points as possible to set the record. Gems are pretty easy to mine. The wheel with them slowly revolves around its axis. At this time, you must shoot gems at those that match the color in the wheel.

If you create a combination of three or more gems, they will disappear, and you will receive additional time and game points. Please note that the game has a limited amount of time. If you don't have winning combinations, you will not have time to destroy the entire wheel with gems. Also, at the beginning of the game, you will receive the maximum number of points. It will decrease over time. It is in your interest to play as quickly and efficiently as possible. Use the left mouse button to shoot gems.



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