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Once upon a time there were fairies who lived peacefully together and helped each other. They created magic, collected various magic elements and boiled potions. But one day other fairies came to capture their territory. Then the battle of fairies began. But who will be the winner? Help the fairies to protect their territory. Combine 3 or more the same magical elements. Then you can destroy the enemy's wall. But do it before your enemy does. You have a timer. If you don’t shoot before the time runs up, the computer will automatically shoot for you. At each level you need to collect a certain number of elements. When you collect them earlier than your opponent, you win a level. It means the fairies get the victory! At the top of the screen you can see which element will be next for you and for your opponent. Wish you good luck in this difficult battle!

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Control: Use mouse wheel to move your fairy. Aim with the left mouse button and shoot.


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