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There is a sly monkey on a tree. She loves fruit very much. As you can see it’s a rainy season now, so the trees are very fertile and there are lots of fruit. So the monkey decided to play with you and drop fruit on you. Fruit move on a branch of a tree in the chain. Combine fruit of 3 or more kinds and destroy them. Yes, this game is very much like the Zuma games. But there are fruit instead of the balls.

The game is endless, so during the game you automatically complete one level after another. At the top left corner of the screen you can see what kind of fruit will be next. So it will be easier to plan your next move. For each destroyed fruit you get points. At the end of the game you can see your total score. There are no extra lives in this game, so be careful and attentive. If you lose, you have to start all over again. There are no pauses in the game, so it is literally endless.

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Control: Use mouse wheel to move left or right. Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the balls. In this game you cannot change the kind of fruit.


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