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There is a trouble on the plant. All the mechanisms don’t work. People are left without work. No one knows what to do. But maybe you can help them? You need to sort the details which come from the conveyor by colour. Make combinations of the details inside the mechanisms of 3 or more of the same color and they disappear. You get points for it! There are bonus details that perform various useful functions. The mini-bomb destroys 2 details in the mechanism. The detail-bomb destroys all the details in the mechanism. The multi-detail destroys several nearby details regardless of the color. The detail remover destroys all the details of the same color in the mechanism. You have a time limit, which you can see on the conveyor. If you don’t sort the details, it automatically shoots. There are also hot keys that help you return the action and change the color of the detail.

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Control: Use left and right keys on the keyboard to move the conveyor. Press Spacebar to shoot the details. Click on the numbers 1 and 2 to use hot keys.


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