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Halloween Zuma

Halloween Zuma is another version of the Zuma series. In this game, you have to stop the snake and prevent it from crawling into the hole. The snake consists of balls or rather pumpkins of different colours. To stop the snake, you need to shoot pumpkins of a certain colour at it. For example, you need to shoot a blue pumpkin to get to the place of the snake where there are even more blue pumpkins. So three or more pumpkins of the same colour will burst. Hurry up because the snake wants to hide from you in the hole.

Especially for the Halloween, we invite you to play another version of the famous game Zuma designed in the Halloween style. Destroy all the pumpkins rolling along the path before they fall into the pit in Halloween Zuma. Shoot pumpkins with matching colours and patterns in the chain. When three or more pumpkins touch, they disappear and the chain is shortened. The level is completed when all balls are removed.

All the fans will appreciate the colourful graphics and a funny main character - a witch. Complete the levels and enjoy the puzzle by skillfully shooting the balls. Shoot along the chain, collecting three or more pumpkins of the same colour in rows and they will disappear. Don't let the colourful chain go all the way.



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