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Zuma Arcade

This is an unusual arcade version of the Zuma game. On the one hand, everything remains the same. You need to combine groups of 3 or more balls, but on the other hand ... At each level there are only 2 colours of the ball. They move in different sequences in 2 chains. You need to click on one ball and it moves to another chain. You have to guess the moment so that the ball comes to other 2 balls of the same colour. Only this way they can be destroyed.

At each level you need to destroy 30 balls of each colour. There is an infinity mode in this game. When you play, you can shoot down balls whenever you want. They won’t run away from you, because they are moving in a circle. Time is not limited.

The main goal is to knock down a certain number of balls. With each level the number of colours will increase. You have to destroy the balls of 3 or more colours, instead of 2 at easy levels. There are 20 levels in this game. With each level the game becomes more difficult. The balls will move faster and the number of colourful balls increases. When you finish a level, there will be a symbol on the screen. Click on it and your game will be saved. So if you quit the game, you can continue later.

Control: Use a computer mouse and click on the selected ball to switch it to another chain.


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