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Jungle Legend

Jungle Legend is a classic casual game that boosts your attention. To reveal all the secrets of the mysterious island, you have to break the spell by destroying colourful balls on each level. To do this, you have a crossbow, which you need to aim and destroy the balls by creating chains of three or more identical balls. A ball of a certain colour will appear on the crossbow in a random order.

You need to shoot it at that part of the chain where the combination of balls of the same colour is located. After the shot, the balls close and the whole chain moves back. For each combination that disappears you get points. The longer the combo, the more points you get. The main thing is to prevent the ball chain from reaching the end and crawling inside. Otherwise you will not be able to find answers to your questions. Control with the mouse.

Passing each level, the player becomes more experienced, which gives him advantages in other games or when replaying the same game. Jungle Legend is very attractive, so you can play it endlessly. Use the bonuses that some balls can give you: backward movement, explosion of adjacent balls, slowdown, stop. You can find bonuses in the form of icons on some balls. The game has many levels of varying difficulty, so each player can shoot freely.



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