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In the distant jungle, somewhere near the shores of the Amazon, there is a tribe of Indians. They live peacefully and quietly and don’t hurt anyone. But one day multi-coloured balls begin to attack their village. They want to steal their precious treasures. Help to protect the Indians and destroy all the coloured balls. To do this you need to combine balls of the same colour into chains of 3 or more.

The game has additional bonuses that can help to destroy all the multi-coloured balls you as soon as possible. Usually they are hidden among the balls, so be very attentive. The sight-ball gives you extra-precision. It allows you to destroy the balls sooner and more accurately. The clock-ball slows down the balls in the chain, so you can quickly destroy them. The lock-ball stops the movement of balls for a few seconds. The bomb-ball destroys all the balls near it.

In the game you have 3 lives. If you lose them, you have to start the game again. Wish you good luck. Help Indians to protect the treasures!

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Control: Use mouse wheel to move your ball left or right. Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the balls. In this game you cannot change the colour of the ball.


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