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Lost Island Zuma

The new version of the game Lost Island Zuma differs from the previous one, and above all in that you have at your disposal not only one, but several cannons located at different ends of the field. You can choose which one to shoot to get to the moving ball snake. All kinds of obstacles in the form of totems, figurines, and stones will prevent the moving, so a spare gun will be very useful. With shots, you have to build three or more balls of the same color in a row, which will make them disappear and the chain will become shorter. You need to destroy all the balls to pass the level and move on to a new, more difficult one.

When you hit adjacent balls in the amount of 2 or more of the corresponding colour you will destroy them. The level will be completed after the multi-colored snake is destroyed. At the same time, in each cannon you can change the colour of the ball with which you will shoot, which makes it possible to quickly destroy the necessary links of the chain.

Lost Island Zuma is a classic game with extra features and beautiful graphics. This game will delight you with an exciting journey into the lost world of Zuma games. You have to go through an amazing and mysterious jungle, consisting of 20 stages. Each of which gives you the opportunity to show your speed and accuracy, shooting colorful projectiles from a cannon at a moving line of balls.



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