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Mystic India Pop Zuma

Everyone loves exciting and colourful online flash games. We present to your attention Mystic India Pop Zuma game. In this game you need to group the balls by colour and shoot them down with a ball of the same colour. All the balls move along different routes.

In Mystic India Pop Zuma game your task is to shoot them down so that they explode. You need to group balls in groups of 2 or more. For knocked down balls you get points.

You also get bonuses for whole chains and combos. If you managed to pass the level at a set time, you can collect coins that appear on the playing field. There are 9 levels in this game. All of them are divided into 3 sub-levels. To complete the level you have to fill the bar in the lower right corner. You have 3 lives, so if you lose, you have to start all over again. At each level the speed of balls increases and new colours of balls will be added. So be attentive!

Control: To choose the direction use mouse wheel. To shoot down the balls, aim and press the left mouse button. If you want to change the color of the ball press Spacebar.


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