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Octopus has got 8 tentacles. It lives on the ocean floor. It is very agile and slippery. One day multi-coloured balls begin to attack him. They are moving with great speed. You have to do something! Help octopus to overcome this.

Combine balls of the same colour into chains of 3 or more and shoot. Also there are bonus balls that help you to destroy them faster. Use them! The sight-ball gives you extra-precision. It allows you to destroy the balls sooner and more accurately. The clock-ball slows down the balls in the chain, so you can quickly destroy them. The lock-ball stops the movement of balls for a few seconds. The bomb-ball destroys all the balls near. In the game you have 3 lives. If you lose them you have to start the game again. Wish you good luck. Help Indians to protect the treasures!

At the end of the level you will see statistics of your game. So get ready and paly!

Control: Use mouse wheel to move your ball left or right. Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the balls. In this game you cannot change the color of the ball.


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