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For a long time the captain’s Black beard ship has been wandering the seas. One day he gets a map of lost treasures hidden at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With his team Black beard decides to look for them. They sail there a few weeks. When they reach the place on the map they find an enemy ship. They also know about the treasures. The battle begins. Help Black beard to win back the treasure. First, you need to select the Adventure or Survival game mode. Then choose episode 1 or 2 and the level of complexity. In this game you have a cannon with multi-colored balls. The enemies’ cannonballs are aimed at you. You need to destroy them. Combine the cannonballs of 3 or more and shoot them down. With each level, the number of balls increases, as well as the number of your cannons. Switch between the cannons in each section of the chain to make it easier to shoot. You have 3 bonus weapons. You can use them once. It is a multi-bomb which destroys all the balls of any color at the place where you drop it. There is a bomb that destroys balls of the same color in a certain area. You also have retaining gates that move the balls back. Wish you good luck!

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Control: Use mouse wheel to aim and shoot with the left mouse button. Click with a computer mouse on the selected cannon to switch between them. To use the bonus weapon click on its image in the upper left corner of the screen.


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