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Welcome in a new version of the game Zuma Puzzle. It is a bit like a Classic Zuma. Everything here remains the same. You need to knock down balls of the same colour. Only this time they don’t move. They are all arranged in a circle. Your task is to knock all of them down. At each level your time limit is 90 seconds. There is also a pest that flies and doesn’t add the number of balls. Don’t let the balls out of the circle line, otherwise you lose. At each level it becomes more difficult, because the balls start to move in a circle. They can take different forms and their speed also increases. If you won't make it in 90 seconds, then the balls reassemble! There can be fake balls. These balls can both help your or make your task more complicated. The bomb-ball explodes all the balls. The multi ball can become any colour and destroy many balls at once. You can change the colour of the ball once. The empty ball has no colour. It becomes another obstacle which is very difficult to avoid. On the left you can watch the time. You can also see what colour the next ball will be. Wish you good luck!

New game version

Control: Aim with the left mouse button to shoot down the groups of the balls. Press Spacebar to change the colour of the weapon.


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