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Space Zuma

Space Zuma is a matching puzzle game similar to the classic Zuma. All you have to do is to shoot the balls to make groups of the same colour by three in a group and make them disappear. When the ball is in the hole, the game will be over for you.

While traveling through space, the brave astronaut fell into a trap. He had an engine failure in the rocket and now it stands still. At this time, asteroids began to fly towards the rocket. The brave captain can manoeuvre between asteroids and shoot at objects, but he needs your help. Now you have to help the astronaut to survive. Using the control keys, you can rotate the rocket around its axis in space. Use this to aim at asteroids. Then start shooting at these items from your cannon. Your projectiles hitting stones will destroy them.

You can now play this awesome game online and enjoy all the colorful excitement you would expect from the original. The aim remains the same - to clear all of the colored balls by shooting them and matching three of the same color together. You must have quick reactions and work hard to think fast! There are many different levels to play and you can also shoot special balls that have unique abilities. Can you complete every level and become a master?



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