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A nice kid and his cat hold a Japanese restaurant in the center of Tokyo. This boy is a true master of sushi. He makes them quickly and efficiently. But he was so into making this delicious dish that made too much of them. Now the restaurant is full of sushi. His lovely cat decides to help him. He decides to destroy all sushi! But he needs your help! Combine sushi of different types of 3 or more and destroy them! Try to knock out as much sushi as possible. Hold on as long as possible, because the game is endless. Sushi don’t move in a chain. They can appear once a second from a hole in the upper right corner of the playing field. There is a cat in the center that destroys them. If you knock out a group of sushi, they stop and wait for the others. You can take them back a little. For each sushi removed from the spiral chain you get points. Time is unlimited, but new kinds of sushi may appear. The game ends when the chain moves to the cat in the centre. Wish you good luck. Safe the restaurant from sushi!
Control: Use mouse wheel to aim and shoot with the left mouse button.


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