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Honey Trouble Zuma

Our bear is a sweet tooth. But more than anything else he loves honey. To get as much honey as possible, the bear needs to pass levels and shoot balls down. After that he gets his favourite delicacy! The Honey Trouble Zuma game is divided into 3 worlds and difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard. To open the medium level you have to pass the easy level. To open the hard level you have to pass the medium level.

Combine balls of the same colour and shoot them down. You also have special balls! The bomb-ball destroys the balls next to it. The honey-ball shifts balls back. The wall-ball - stops the movement of balls for a few seconds. The black hole ball sucks 3 balls. The black ball destroys the balls of the same colour. The keg-ball comes at the end. It marks the end of the chain.

The beehives can appear at the playing field. Knock them down to get extra points. The game Honey Trouble Zuma has no pauses and saves. So if you lose, you have to start all over again. Good luck!

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Control: Use the mouse wheel to choose the direction. To shoot the balls down, aim and press the left mouse button. Press Spacebar to change the colour of the ball.


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