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Zuma Blast is a very addictive game that immerses players in its mysterious world. You must collect combinations of three or more balls of the same color. If the combination is more than three balls, then you get bonuses. The main thing is to knock out all the balls, then you will win. With each subsequent level, the game becomes more and more difficult. It will not be easy for you, but you have to cope with it, because the game becomes more interesting with each new level.

Watch the chain carefully as it may fall into the hole and then you will lose. Believe in yourself. Play Zuma Blast game and have fun with the gameplay. Three different amazing worlds with magic balls, thirty interesting levels, many bonuses and obstacles are waiting for you. Your task is to knock out all the colored balls that appear on the playing field and feel like a winner.

The aim of the game is to make combinations of three or more balls of the same colour, so that in the end not a single ball remains on the playing field. For making several blocks of three balls in a row, you will be awarded additional points. In total, there are 60 levels in the game with the passing of each difficulty will increase, which means that it becomes more and more difficult to play.



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