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Zuma Deluxe 2

Zuma Deluxe 2 is a Zuma game, but the main cannon is stylized as a frog and its surroundings. It is necessary with the help of a funny frog to throw colourful balls into a moving chain. The mugs are also patterned to make things easier for some users. With each of the levels, the difficulty grows, which consists of speeding up a series of circles.

If necessary, you can throw balls through one row if there are gaps in the chain. If you miss, then the chain will accelerate its movement. Never let the balls get to the finish line. Following the tradition of the classic game Zuma, you control a frog, which shoots colourful balls at a huge moving chain, which gradually increases. The idea is that you match in the same colour to shrink the chain until there are no balls left. An exciting matching with 13 levels of increasing difficulty.

Make a row of three or more balls of the same colour to make them disappear. If the balls reach the centre of the playing field, the game is over. A row of four or more balls will give you bonus points. Click to shoot a ball and create a combo of three or more balls of the same colour. The game ends when the balls reach the centre of the playing field. Have a nice game and good luck!



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