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Zuma Frog game (the official name of The Lost Treasures of Zuma) is a clone of a popular worldwide recognized by various age categories ball game. It is very similar to Zuma Deluxe .

With the help of the legendary Zuma Frog guarding the lost treasures you need to fight the impending danger in the form of bright coloured spheres.

Task of the Zuma Frog game

Don’t let coloured balls fill all the ways of the labyrinths and get to the skull. Otherwise you lose your life and start your route to the lost treasure from the start. If you manage to knock out more than three balls in a row, you can get extra points or another pleasant bonus. It can reduce speed of the chain, chain can start moving in the opposite direction or you can get additional points.

Zuma Frog сharacteristics

In comparison with the original The Lost Treasures of Zuma this game has more stylish and bright graphics and unobtrusive music. Thus the game is still fascinating and can conceal your problems and help you to relax.

Play this great game Zuma Frog online free in full screen. It’s an improved version of the Zuma Deluxe game!

New Zuma Deluxe HTML5 version

Control: Shoot balls with the left mouse button. You can change the color of the next ball on the frog's head using the Spacebar on the keyboard.


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