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You need to help the little dinosaur destroy all the eggs before they roll into the hole. Will you be able to complete all levels and get the highest score?

Zuma Dino Egg Defense is a kind of shooting game, but instead of bullets, you will use colored balls, that is, dinosaur eggs, to break the ones that move around the playing field. Defend against rolling eggs in this colorful and engaging game.

The game has 16 exciting levels divided into 4 chapters, in which you have to show your ingenuity and attentiveness to make decisions quickly. The difficulty will gradually increase. When 3 or more eggs of the same color come into contact, an explosion will occur. To hit the target accurately, try to take into account the flight speed of your projectile and the distance to the target.

You will have little time, so if the color of the current egg does not match, then just throw it aside for a new one to appear. Some eggs will have unique booster effects such as backward movement and freezing. The eggs will move at a certain speed along a narrow, winding path. If you are confident in your abilities, you can increase their speed, which will greatly complicate the game.

Colorful eggs roll across the field along an intricate path, you have a dinosaur that can shoot colored eggs. You need to hit the moving chain with your colored egg in the place where there are eggs of the same color. If there are three or more of them as a result, they will explode. You need to have time to break all the eggs before they get to your burrow.

If you don’t have time to cope with the task, you’ll lose and you will have to pass the level again. The levels will become more difficult each time, but the more interesting and exciting the game will be for you. As you complete the levels, you will become available to various dinosaur characters. Set the direction and the shoot with the mouse.



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