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Zuma Hit or Knit

Zuma Hit or Knit is a game where you have to collect all the balls of thread before knitting is ruined. You will see a large maze-like line. The balls slowly approach the target as you throw skeins of different colours of thread into the chain. If you get into a group of the same colour as your skein it disappears from the playing field. The interest of the game adds many bonuses. For example a bomb, freeze, backward movement or a fireball.

Also during the level, faces of cats appear on the playing field. By collecting them, you can get an extra life. In front of you there will be a large line in the form of a maze. Balls of various colors will roll on it and your task is to prevent them from reaching the end. To do this, shoot at a specific color that will make a line of three identical colors or more. If you manage to shoot accurately then these balls will immediately disappear and you will get points. Earn as much as possible points to set a new record. But remember, if the balls get to the kitten, the game Hit or Knit will be over. Shoot the balls of wool yarn to match three or more of the same colour before they roll into the hole. If you lose, the kitten will have to wear a sweater. And he hates to wear sweaters. Good luck with the game Zuma Hit or Knit.



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