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Zuma Jellyland is quite challenging, but interesting game in which you can use a guns to destroy a chain of moving jellies. While playing with her dog, one girl quietly got into an unusual place called game JellyLand. And now she needs to get out of here somehow and it needs to be done with your help.

The game is designed according to the classic Zuma games. Only this time you will not have multi-colored balls, but multi-colored jellies moving along a winding path. And of course, you need to get rid of them by shooting exactly the same jelly. You must do it thoughtfully, making combinations of three identical objects that will self-destruct. It is necessary to act quickly until all objects are destroyed, thereby bringing you closer to victory. After clearing one sector, you will find yourself in a new one, where new adventures will wait for you.

The speed of movement of the jelly will increase and you will have to act even faster. Try not to miss, because then you will have to form additional groups to destroy them. If you miss at least one object, then the Zuma Jellyland game will be lost and you will not be able to save the girl. The entire gameplay will be accompanied by cheerful music and bright graphics, which will make the passing of the Zuma Jellyland game even more fun and interesting.



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