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Zuma Legend this is a popular arcade game that appeared about 10 years ago. Since then, the developers of Zuma have released a variety of versions, each of which is beautiful. Zuma Legend contains the best technical details and colourful designs that are so popular among Zuma lovers.

Zuma Legend has gained great popularity among fans of the famous brand. The principle of all variants of the games is the same - exploding coloured balls. But the variations are very different. Here the user will meet unusual creatures and get acquainted with very original space. Many levels with pleasant music and versatile design are waiting for you. The difficulty grows with each location. The main weapon of the user is a catapult with balls. The device looks like an outlandish beast that shoots balls of different colours.

A chain of balls is moving along the path. The higher the speed of shooting, the more successful must be the strategy. It is important to calculate your steps in advance so as not to lose, because there are only three lives. The game Zuma Legend is a bright fantastic world where you can improve your agility, attention and observation. And fabulous atmosphere immerses you in a wonderful world with magic and adventures.



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