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Zuma Magician

In the game Zuma Magician, as in all games of this genre, you have to prevent the balls from reaching the hole. You must remove all balls before they reach the goal. Pick up various bonuses that will facilitate the gameplay.

Shoot colourful balls and a chain of moving balls, line up groups of three or more identical objects in the game Zuma Magician. Explore a mysterious world in Sparkle Zuma 2 and destroy all the balls before they fall into the abyss. Try to think over each step instantly, pick up at least three balls of the same colour to blow them up. Clear the chain to complete the wave. Use magic bonuses as the levels get harder and harder the further you advance in the game.

Aim at the target and shoot at it. In general, the gameplay is a classic representative of the Zuma genre, which has been popular for many years. It has just great graphics and a good atmosphere. You will find yourself in a world of darkness, in which enchanted balls tend to fall into a black hole. Do not let them do it, because you can find enchanted keys in black holes that will allow you to open a secret door. But what is behind it, you will learn from the game. Control with the mouse. Enjoy the game and good luck.



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