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Zuma Maya is a rather difficult game. Zuma is the most popular puzzle game and today we present you a new version of the legendary game dedicated to the Mayan civilization.

In the game, you can find yourself on the land of an ancient tribe and demonstrate your agility and speed of reaction. Zuma Maya is a combination of two popular games Zuma and Bubble Shooter. Your goal is to remove balls of the same colour from the playing field. On the screen, you can see a long winding path. Colourful balls will roll through it. The difficulty is that the platform with the balls is always at the top of the playing field, which reduces the accuracy of hitting the moving chain of balls.

The chain does not appear on the playing field completely but is divided into 3 parts, each of which comes out after a certain time. Your task is to prevent the chain from reaching the entrance to the cave. To avoid this, you must shoot so that the balls of the same colour come together in three or even more pieces. Then they will explode and disappear from the playing field. At each level, a new location and a completely new path are waiting for you. It is a challenging task and it will make you nervous. Zuma Maya is a very addictive game. Complete levels and collect points. Enjoy your game and good luck!



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