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Zuma Sparkle 2

Zuma Sparkle 2 is the sequel to the hit arcade-style Zuma. Collect all five keys and solve the Sparkle mystery. A long time ago five magic keys were created. These keys are supposed to open a lock that hides something of great value. The keys were scattered all over the Earth, locked forever between night and day. Many tried to find them but to no avail. Will you be able to unravel this mystery, or will you become another soul absorbed in the search?

Challenge the darkness with fastballs, matching skills, powerful magic spells and powerful powerups. Connect balls before they fall into the abyss and find your way through mysterious lands. Sparkle Zuma is a matching game. The player needs to control a cannon that shoots colourful balls at a creeping snake from the same balls.

The player's task is to shoot from the cannon, trying to hit the balls of the corresponding colour. The main task is not to allow the snake to crawl to the hole, otherwise, the game will be over. If more than 4 balls get into a group, you will get bonus points and a bomb. If you hit it, then a transparent ball will be given to a player. When you shoot, three bullets fly out at once.



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