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Zuma Totemia is a free online game where you need to shoot at coloured balls in a chain. The rules are simple - the same as in most Zuma games. In the centre of the playing field, there is a cannon designed in the form of a huge frog holding a coloured ball in its mouth. A winding road runs around the cannon. The route is unique at each level. A whole line of dozens, and later hundreds, of colourful balls moves along this road.

Aim at groups of three balls of the same colour and shoot. It's not so easy to get in, because you need to make corrections for the speed of movement so that the ball lands exactly where you need to. If you manage to hit, then the whole group of balls of the same colour will disappear. The main goal of the level is to destroy the entire chain before it reaches the hole in the outfield.

If even one ball gets to the hole, the game will be lost. The game is greatly facilitated thanks to a variety of bonuses. Sometimes marks appear on the balls. Try to destroy them first. If you succeed, then you can get some valuable bonuses. For example, a laser designator, a fireball, slowdown, and many others. If possible, knockdown coins that appear in one part of the playing field. This gives additional points, allowing you to take a higher place in the winners table.



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