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The main character of the game Zuma Unicorn Gary somehow magically found himself in a fairy labyrinth, which he cannot leave until he completes a certain series of tasks. To do this, you need dexterity and accuracy, because you have to shoot balls at moving targets. Each ball has its own colour. You need to collect three or more balls of the same color using a shooting cannon. Watch the colour, as well as the movement of the line. If it reaches a critical point, then the game will be over and you will be locked up forever. For the destruction of balls you will be awarded with points. Try to collect the largest number and go to the next stage.

Zuma Unicorn is a game with beautiful graphics. You need to score the maximum number of points in a very short time by rotating the balls so that there are one at each corner of the square and the colour of the balls coincides. That's the whole task, but you need to think very quickly - time is running out. All manipulations in the game you can perform only with the mouse. The game is designed specifically for children, with a very bright playing field and funny pictures. In the middle of the playing field there will be a cute circus unicorn that will throw balls of different colors, because they should not get into a multi-colored cycle. If your child loves games for speed and development of logical thinking, then this game will be perfect and fun.



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