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Zuma's Revenge

Zuma's Revenge is the name of the next version of the popular ball game. It does not differ from the previous games. The frog spits coloured balls out of its mouth breaking a chain of coloured balls. This time graphics is improved and there are modified bonuses.

Characteristics of the Zuma's Revenge game

At each new level a frog cannon gets new options. It can move from place to place and shoot not only with balls, but with other more powerful shells. You can see what next ball will be looking at frog’s head.


The developers decided that the sounds and placement in the game remain the same. Very often sound effects distract from the main goal. There is a “mute” button which immediately increases the accuracy of your shots.

Zuma's Revenge Bonuses

Except for the usual rewards like slowing down the chain, reversing course and mass explosion there are other pleasant bonuses for players. They can help to pass the levels easier.

Zuma revenge is one of the most successful and well-developed versions of the ball game.

New Zuma's Revenge HTML5 version

Control: As usual, control with left mouse button. Press Spacebar to choose the next ball on the frog's head.


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