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Zumba Challenge

It is worth playing Zumba and its clones for players of any age. Everyone can enjoy it when they get the hang of shooting accurately at balls.

In front of you on the screen you will see a certain area in which your frog will be visible. It will be installed on a stone pedestal that can rotate around its axis in any direction. Projectiles of various colors will appear in its mouth. Multicolored stone balls will move along the road towards the village. You will have to find a cluster of balls of the same color as your projectile and shoot at them. Objects touch and disappear from the playing field. You will be awarded points for this.

Let's recall the basic concept of the game. A snake is made of colored balls that crawl along the path. Your task is to prevent this from happening. How? Just destroy the snake! The principle is simple. Two balls of the same color standing next to each other can be removed if you shoot at them with a third, the same one. If there are more balls of the same color, the effect will be the same.

The problem is that clusters of two balls do not occur very often in the snake. All the balls are scattered e.g. next to the green one is red and yellow or some other. In this case, you have to shoot yellow so that it takes place next to the yellow one, and already the next yellow one, remove the entire segment. Let us remind you that the snake is moving. Moreover, the path along which it crawls is winding, so getting to the right place is not always easy. This is where the player's ability to shoot accurately is needed. And the frog will help you with this.

Every lover of casual arcades should play Zumba Challenge. It is colorful, interesting, has beautiful background music, and is very exciting.



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