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Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania is a classic puzzle game from the Zuma series with upgrades in which you will help the idol defend the village from the balls. In this game, you will control an idol in the form of a colourful funny frog. Press the arrow button to start the game. The Zumba frog is in the centre of the playing field. On the screen, you will see a stone zigzag chute along which stone balls will roll towards the hole. If they reach the hole, the game will be lost and you will start all over again. All of them will be of different colours. Your idol can shoot single balls of different colours.

You will have to find a place with two or more balls of the same colour as your charge of balls and shoot so that they explode and disappear from the playing field. Use the mouse to aim a cannon at the target and then click in the right place to shoot. As soon as your charge hits these balls, they will explode and you will get game points. Doing these actions, you will destroy all the balls that move towards the hole. Click on the frog to switch between the current ball and the next ball. Try to get all three stars. If you lose, you can restart the level. Use bonuses to clear the playing field even faster. Try to do it to get diamonds, which you can spend to buy new toads and bonuses.



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