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Zumba Ocean

An ancient artifact Zumba is installed on the border with dark waters and it helps you to fight against cursed balls. All you have to do is aim the cannon right at the target so that it fires a gem.

On the screen in front of you will see the platform on which the gun will be installed. Using the control keys, you can rotate it around its axis. Press the arrow to enter the game. Choose "1" from the list. Before each level, you will be given a certain task. For example, destroy all the jewels and score 500 points. Click to launch the kernel on a group of two or more gems of the same color.

Balls of different colors will move from the depths of the ocean towards Zumba. You will need to examine them carefully. As soon as a projectile of a certain color appears inside Zumba, you must find a cluster of the same balls and shoot at them. Your projectile will hit these items and destroy them and you will be given points. But you need to be careful, because as a result, the gem may go somewhere where you don’t want to.

From time to time, the game will give you some bonuses in the form of multi-colored gems. To get them, you need to collect at least three gems of the same color as the one on which they are located. If you get stuck, there are four benefits you can use to get out of your trap. Each level has goals that you must achieve to complete the level.

Some of them are pretty simple, and some need to be completed multiple times. Each goal gives you a star, and the more goals you complete in that level, the more stars you get. At the end of each level, you get coins that allow you to buy more benefits if you need them or if you want to buy a new cannon. The number of coins depends on how many goals you have completed. If you complete them all and collect all three stars, you will receive more coins than if you completed only one goal. This is a very fun and relaxing game.



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